Market sizing in China

Determining whether China would be a good fit for you is a priority before entering the Chinese market. Hence, market sizing in China is an important tool for your company. As it is important to know how popular your product or service would be in China, it is just as important to see if the market you are aiming at is sufficiently large for your company to enter.

Indeed, should the market be too small, your company will end up depending on only a few clients, and may not fare well should they choose to go to your competitor. Too large and you will have to spend extra on your marketing to be able to reach the maximum number of consumers. Therefore, sizing your market and aiming for the optimal sweet spot is necessary for you in order to properly enter China.

As the Chinese population rise, in numbers and in median income, their needs evolve and the market does too. Knowing in advance what your sales will look like depending on the 1.5 billion Chinese may very well allow your company to rise above your competitors.

Knowing your market size may also allow you to see opportunities that you can act upon before anyone else. Determining market potential will help you to make different strategic decisions about product development, partnering and distribution, organizational design, and critical employee skills.

“Market sizing is a technical and long process that involves three to four members of our research team and takes two months on average,” explains Clément Mougenot, Research Director at Daxue Consulting.

Online Market Research in China

Market Research in China is a great tool to collect data. However, Chinese people living in the country-side will have different opinions than those living in large Tier-1 cities. Therefore, when preparing a marketing plan in China, it is better to prepare a global plan for the country, and the best way to engage with consumers with different consumer habits is through an online survey.

Although China may seem still like a developing country, the truth is a country has already developed very far, and is nothing like the stereotypes. Using the internet, reaching a great number of different customer profiles in China is entirely possible. Indeed, the smartphones have made it easier to reach disparate populations throughout the whole country, and the social networks in China have made it possible to gather data directly from users, whether it is quantitative or qualitative data in China.

As China slowly turns from a manufacturing country to a consuming country, customers are slowly starting to think about their behavior, and change their consuming habits. These changes and rapidly growing Chinese middle-class in China have completely transformed the economic distribution in the country, and pushed companies to change their marketing strategies in China, but also the way they interact with their consumers.

But these changes cannot be done easily, and cannot come from incomplete data taken from their consumers only. They need to conduct proper online market research in order to fully understand how their potential customers feel about their brand and products. Whether it is an online survey in Shanghai or an online survey in the countryside, these must be carried out expertly and in a way that will encompass the Chinese culture.

Conducting an online market research in China can be tricky, as Chinese people will not tell their true feelings at first, as they don’t want the company to “lose face”, an important part of the Chinese culture. Therefore, it is important to rely on those who have the market expertise to obtain reliable market data.

Les dangers d’un numéro de téléphone oublié sur Facebook

Facebook fait partie des réseaux sociaux les plus fréquentés et ayant le plus d’utilisateurs. Avec les partages de photos, les publications et autres, il est important de protéger son compte. Pourtant, il peut parfois arriver qu’un simple numéro de téléphone oublié dans ses paramètres de profil mette en avant un risque important de sécurité. Zoom sur les dangers possibles suite à un simple numéro de téléphone.

Les risques du numéro de téléphone sur un profil Facebook

Bon nombre d’utilisateurs enregistrent leurs numéros de téléphone dans les paramètres de leurs profils. Que ce soit pour s’enregistrer ou seulement par souci de sécurité, cela peut être plus pratique. Seulement, il faut bien penser à l’enlever lorsqu’on change de numéro. En effet, lorsqu’on résilie son numéro, ce dernier est réattribué au bout de deux mois environs. Dans le cas où le  numéro dans le profil Facebook reste inchangé, il reste localisable par ce dernier. Il est donc possible que le nouveau propriétaire du numéro de téléphone accède au compte et apporte des changements sans que le propriétaire n’en soit prévenu.

Le numéro de téléphone pour réinitialiser un mot de passe

Parmi les plus grands risques lorsqu’on oublie de changer son numéro de téléphone dans les paramètres suite à un changement de ligne c’est de voir son mot de passe être réinitialisé à notre insu. En effet, il suffit que le nouveau propriétaire du numéro se connecte et accède à la partie « Mot de passe oublié » pour commencer la réinitialisation. Un code de sécurité est alors envoyé au numéro de téléphone et c’est ce dernier qui permettra d’accéder au compte Facebook. une fois cette étape enclenchée, il est difficile de récupérer son compte ou de réinitialiser son mot de passe si l’on n’a pas d’autres modes de sécurités.