Organising For a Conference

Organising For a Conference

Whilst it’s fresh on the brain, let’s talk about organising your vast amount of paperwork accumulated at your annual conference. Here’s some tips…

1. Plan some goals for the conference before you go, people to meet, things to learn, plans to develop.  Review your goals list at least twice a day during the conference.

2. Go through the conference program during the conference and pull out the seminar sections that you would look back at again in the future…but be realistic and honest…only take what you will really look at again.

3. Keep what you need to prove for your continuing education requirements for your license or certification, staple together and put in a file.

4. During the conference write notes and action items in your notebook, not in the conference handouts.  When you get back to work, re-write them into your task list or on pages to put in your research files.

5. Bring postcards to the conference. Each night address them to your new contacts, and write a brief note, and leave them with Reception to post for you.

6. Bring your own food to stay on your eating/fitness plan…bring oats for breakfast, fruit, small snacks.  Some hotels don’t have tea in the room.  When I went to my NAPO conference in Florida they didn’t have fruit!  Florida – no fruit?

7. Dump your show bag in your room as soon as possible, go through and recycle anything you are not interested in…don’t bring it home if you are not interested.

8. Bring your own day bag…less chance of someone grabbing your bag by accident.  Write your name in your program book.  Bring some plastic folders to file things as you go.

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